Greatness or Gray-ness

In the prophetic book of Biblical poetry, Song of Solomon, there are many references to hair.

How beautiful you are, my darling!
Oh, how beautiful!
Your eyes behind your veil are doves.
Your hair is like a flock of goats
descending from the hills of Gilead. (Song of Solomon 4:1, ESV)

This ancient, agriculturally-based, poetic love language wouldn’t do much to stir my heart now, but it is rich with prophetic meaning. Many times in the Bible hair symbolizes one’s dedication and loyalty.  For example, Samson took a vow of dedication to the Lord as others had before (Num. 6:1-5), and because of it he did not cut his hair. (Judges 13:5); When Solomon praises his bride’s tresses, He represents Jesus, the Bridegroom King praising the dedication and loyalty of His Bride, which is especially applicable to those in the end-time generation before the Lord returns to the earth.  These are the days light shines in the darkness, when darkness does not, cannot overcome it. This light is Jesus, the love of God poured out.  “Rivers cannot overwhelm this love.  Although a man may be offered all the wealth and security of this world, he will despise the offer, counting it as nothing in the face of the Love of all loves.” (My paraphrase of Song of Solomon 8:7)  This is the end time test that is upon us.  This ultimate love coupled with ultimate testing creates greatness.   To know Him is to love Him wholeheartedly.  The enemy of our greatness is gray-ness.  Any place in our lives where we allow ourselves to live in the gray, interferes with our perception of the love of God, which then causes us to make all of the little, woman washing hair in bowldaily decisions as well as the big ones out of a false beliefs about His kindness as well as His severity, which then leads to compromise.  I find I need to daily let the water of God’s Word wash over me, renewing my mind and bolstering my strength and dedication to Him in a world cultural climate that is increasingly anti-Him.   The king Himself has hair as “black as a raven”, never wavering in intensity, vigor, and dedication to those who have been made His own by the power of His blood.  (Song of Songs 5:12) Our charge is to become like Him.   It’s time to “…wash that gray right out of our hair…”. (Click at your own risk ;))

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