God’s Wonder Women

I haven’t yet seen the new Wonder Woman movie, nor am I advocating all its elements, but I believe that its release is a timely message from God.  How significant that it is released this year, 2017, which has been called by some prophetic voices as the “Year of the Woman”.  When I was in Israel in February, I was unaware of this movie in the making, but casually remarked to friends, “They need to bring back Wonder Woman.”  Soon after, I learned that it was indeed being made, and I began to sense the importance of encouraging the “wonder women of God.”  It matters deeply to God that His ladies understand who they are to His heart, and become confident in His love and calling in this hour.

Patty Jenkins, the director of the new Wonder Woman movie was quoted saying to Lynda Carter, the lead actress of the 1970’s television series,  “…We were born of your Wonder Woman and it is a line, it’s a chain. We are a continuation of a vision and a dream…”   (www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2017-05-31/wonder-woman-director-sought-lynda-carters-support ) The end-time women of God in the army of God must continue in the line of the brave women who were moved to intercede for their nation with prayer and action, and became powerful forces of truth and righteousness in their time.  Deborah of Judges 4-5 was woman of wisdom used by God to govern in ancient Israel. She described herself as a “mother in Israel,” but she could not deny the call to be a warrior when the enemy encroached upon her beloved tribe.  The Lord changed her position from sitting to rising.  She used to sit at the city gates administering the daily affairs, but was called to rise to action, even in a decidedly patriarchal society. Jael, was a wife, but drove a spike through the enemy’s head when he tried to hide in her tent.  She won the battle for her nation by overcoming her fears and confronting the enemy that entered her sphere.  Women in Jesus’ time, like Mary, went against current cultural norms to become serious disciples, sitting at His feet.  They pressed in to receive what they needed for themselves, and helped to change the world with the gospel. Women were the first to see the resurrected Lord and be commissioned as heralds of the good news.  Each woman’s call is unique, but we have all inherited a heritage from the Lord passed down through female warriors of old who came out of their comfort zone to be fully engaged and powerful in the purposes of God.

The end-time battle is manifesting in the women alive on the earth right now.  The Bible describes two women in the Book of Revelation, the Lord’s Bride and the Harlot of Babylon.  The first is a personification of those who have taken His name, and love Him extravagantly.  They are aligned with the King and His kingdom purposes.   The second, is a personification of the lewd and unfaithful, aligned with the devil against the kingdom of God.  The Lord’s “wonder women” march right up to the throne of grace, because they believe they are washed in the blood of Jesus, and therefore, welcomed and celebrated in His presence as were the women around Jesus. They have the faith and audacity to ask their God to do His will on earth as it is in heaven, releasing signs, wonders, and miracles into desperate situations. They boldly represent His heart and purposes to others with feminine grace and dignity, clinging to the truth of His Word.  They love God’s ways and God’s solutions. They fight for freedom and justice wherever the Spirit leads.

The Harlot of Babylon, on the other hand, opposes Jesus and everything for which He stands, and that spirit is manifesting now in the radical feminists. It seems irrational for them to call for a boycott against a movie featuring a woman as a powerful super hero, but they are, which is just further confirmation of the prophetic significance of this movie. The lead actress Gal Gadot is Israeli, and served in the fight against Islamic terrorism, a fact that has triggered an interesting backlash from those manifesting the harlot.  Revelation 17 depicts her as “drunk on the blood of the saints and those who testified to Jesus”.  They demand respect while spewing hatred and marching for the right to shed the blood of unborn babies under the guise of women’s rights.  They have formed a strange, philosophical alliance with Islam, a religion that violently oppresses women and claims they are the property of men with no rights at all.  This, of course, makes sense when you consider that proponents of radical Islam share in their anti-Christ blood-lust, as they shamelessly rally their followers to shed the blood of Jews and Christians to advance the coming of their messiah.

The Lord wants His women bold and free and powerful under the control of the Holy Spirit.  Ladies, we must fight against everything in our own souls that would keep us silent and passive in this hour.  It’s time to be a living picture of the Bride of Christ, full of the Spirit, and fierce for His kingdom. This headline displays the message for this hour: “‘Wonder Woman’: All the World Is Waiting For You.”  (Epix.fyc , May 30, 2017)